Pam Janssen, Pres Elect

District 4


Pam has been on the IPPA board for eight years. In that time, she has served on multiple committees including Marketing, Education/Youth, and Expo. She is also the current secretary.

In Woodford County, she has a 200 head farrow-to-finish hog operation. Additionally, the farm has a 200 head feeder calf operation and a 1,000 acre grain farm (corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay). The farm is a centennial farm that was established in 1874.

She and her husband, Bob, who have been married for 28 years, are fifth generation farmers. They have three children, Ben (26), Kim (24), and Brian (23).

Pam attends the First Baptist Church in Minonk and supplies sausage for the Minonk Fire & Rescue squad’s annual sausage and pancake breakfast in her community.

Being a part of IPPA has allowed Pam to gain valuable information first hand. If she could give advice to someone looking to expand into livestock production it would be make sure to learn all the rules and regulations first as to not become a target for non-farm people and then enjoy what you want to do.