Operation Impact

Image enhancement of pork producers and the pork industry has been a focus of IPPA for the last several years. IPPA is looking to continue to build upon that success, but also raise the industry’s profile within the Chicago metropolitan area.

IPPA has developed and is considering implementing a campaign named “Operation Impact” that will use the pork community’s contribution to social and economic growth in Illinois as the focal point of an ongoing, statewide image campaign. 

The overarching image campaign is intended to:

  • Create a better understanding among Illinois residents of the positive contributions pork producers make to the quality of life in local communities
  • Heighten awareness and understanding among local opinion leaders and state legislators of pork producers’ values and positive impact on quality of life
  • Identify and establish common values held by third party organizations and
    pork producers

Click here to pledge time to the Operation Impact campaign and help share the pork industry story.

Review of Operation Impact Activities

 Operation Mainstreet

The National Pork Board is striving to knock down any communications barriers separating producers and their rural neighbors through a grassroots industry image enhancement program named Operation Main Street (OMS). Pork producers from across the country have been trained and empowered to represent U.S. pork on a neighbor-to-neighbor level. These OMS volunteers are working tirelessly to tell the industry’s story of innovation, quality and stewardship.

Over 280 OMS presentations have been given in Illinois!  Let's keep going strong and telling our pork stories!  If you're interested in participating in an OMS training, please contact Mike Borgic.


Hog Farm Open Houses & Ribbon Cuttings

IPPA in cooperation with the National Pork Board has developed a program and materials to help pork producer showcase new hog buildings before they come into production. IPPA can assist pork producers who are interested in hosting an Open House & Ribbon Cutting celebration for their new hog building.  

During 2007, IPPA helped coordinate and sponsor four open houses for new hog barns. This gave local residents including city and county officials, neighbors, legislators and media a chance to see first hand what a modern pork production facility was like on the inside. These events were very positive. At the four open houses IPPA reached more than 800 people directly and had many positive stories in the media.

Please contact Tim Maiers for additional information or assistance in sponsoring an Open House in your community!


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