FARMFest 2008 - October 8th

IPPA, John Kellogg and Kellogg Farm welcomes students from Clara Barton School in Chicago for a special day in the country!  

Kids from Clara Barton School in Chicago arrive at the Kellogg Farm!

The students colored t-shirts to remember their day on the farm!

Students were given a tractor tour and able to climb in to see how big they really are!

More tractor tours!

IPPA Director Mike Haag helps studens get ready for the OLYMPIGS corn shucking contest.

Kids dress a balloon in the OLYMPIGS!

IPPA President Phil Borgic helps kids shuck corn as part of the OLYMPIGS!

John Kellogg show students the Pigs and how they are taken care of.

John Kellogg hands piglet to student.

Kids lean over the railing to get a closer look at the piglets!

Students were so thrilled to actually hold a baby piglet - they were all smiles!

Curtis Miller gives students an overview of how the feed mill works to produce feed for the pigs.





























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