2014 Board of Directors IPPA Staff

2014 Board of Directors
Todd Dail

Todd is also an At Large Director.

Whiteside County

Curtis Zehr
President Elect

Curt is also an At-Large Director

Tazewell County

Bob Frase
Vice President/Treasurer

Bob is also an at-large director.

Livingston County

Jason Propst

Jason is also an at-large director

Cumberland County

Dereke Dunkirk
Immediate Past President

Dereke is also a District 9 Director.

Christian County

Tom Flack
District 1 Director

Carroll County

Mike Woltmann
District 2 Director

DeKalb County

Mark DeDecker
District 3 Director

Henry County

Pam Janssen
District 4 Director

Woodford County

Mike Haag
District 5 Director

Livingston County

David Dedert
District 6 Director

Adams County

Dave Conrady
District 7 Director

Logan County

Bill Fisher
District 8 Director

Champaign County

Angie Bowman
District 10 Director

Clinton County

Alan Kollmann
District 11 Director

Effingham County

Lance Martin
District 12 Director

Saline County

Ken Maschhoff
National Pork Producers Council

Clinton County

Phil Borgic
National Pork Producers Council

Montgomery County

Chris West
At Large Director

Menard County

George Bruns
Illinois Purebred Representative

Champaign County

Brian Spannagel
Allied Industry Representative

Wayne County

Caleb Brink

Madison County

David Meiss
IFB Liaison

McLean County

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