Jason Propst, President

District 8


Jason is from Cumberland County and is a production manager for TLS Farmer Network, LLC.  He is the current president for IPPA. Jason is starting his seventh year on the IPPA Board and is the District 8 Director. On the way to becoming President, he worked his way through the officer ranks and has served on a number of committees including Marketing, Executive, Expo, Production Tech/Research, Education/Youth, and executive director search committee. He had the honor of speaking at the 2014 Pork Forum on behalf of the 2013-2014 Pork Leadership Institute class.

He and his wife, Jen, have two children, Matt & Hannah.  Jen is an adapted PE teacher for Eastern Illinois Area Special Education cooperative.  Matt and Hannah are both currently in grade school. Both enjoy sports and helping grandpa on his farm.

Jason is an active member of the Cumberland County Pork Producers, Cumberland County Farm Bureau, and the First Baptist Church of Effingham.

Being a part of IPPA has helped him to better understand the issues that the industry faces and how they affect his operation. If he could give advice to someone looking to expand into livestock he would say that having livestock allows for diversification of the farm and better utilization of the workforce while providing fertilizer for crops. Also, to look at the different production options and choose what best fits your farm.